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All editorials published in the American Square Dance Magazine.

Square Dance Groups and the Internet

The internet. To some folks, it seems an intimidating monolith, not easily understood and way too daunting to attempt integration with. To the majority of people in developed countries, the internet is the most effective tool of communication and commerce ever known to man. There are some in the square dance world who believe that

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When You Have No Caller

Looking at the square dance world today, you will find many areas that have a shortage of callers or no caller at all. This may be hard to believe in cities that have many talented callers available, but it is a fact. A sad fact when you consider that some of these regions were flush

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Anatomy of a Singing Call

The singing call is a fundamental part of modern western square dancing. From early in beginner lessons through the challenge levels, you will find singing calls. They are useful as a relaxing contrast to the mental intensity of today’s patter calls as well as bringing a sense of completeness or closure to a tip. Take

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Who are the best dancers? Who has the best club?

Recently, a statement was made at a dance, one which I’ve heard quite a few times over my years as a square dance caller. The statement, “our club’s dancers are the best”. Over the years, this declaration was often made by individuals who were comparing the proficiency of their club’s members to those of other

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Standards of Behavior

Every form of recreation has its code of conduct. In the modern square dance activity, there are varied forms of this code most with elements that date back several generations. This article seeks to bring together some of the most important, yet sometimes overlooked standards of behavior that we should ask of everyone who comes

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How Long Is Too Long

There is a saying that has stuck with me since it was shared by a veteran square dance caller many years ago. “Always leave them wanting more”. Smart thinking and sounds easy but why do we often find ourselves doing the exact opposite? The patter tips that last for fifteen minutes to thirty minutes. Remember

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