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Buddy Weaver started calling in 1977 while still in school, living in Honolulu, Hawaii. 
He is a third generation square dance caller who lives with his family in San Diego, California.

Buddy became an accredited member of CALLERLAB in 1981 and is currently on the Board of Governors.  He is active in teaching other callers, conducting seminars in the United States, Japan, and Europe.  Buddy also writes a monthly music review column along with an article on making square dancing better for the dancers.  His articles appear in the American Square Dance magazine and the Northeastern Square Dance magazine.photo

Buddy has been active in the Square Dance recording industry since 1981, with over 300 vocals released.
He is producer of the largest Square Dance Music company in the world, Blue Star Music.

Buddy Weaver is the first American caller to teach and call in post-cold war Poland and
the first American caller brought to both Tasmania, Australia and Takagawa, Japan for a square dance festival

He has called numerous times in Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Germany and most United States.

Links:  Buddy's Keynote Address for the 67th National Convention in 2018

Buddy Weaver
1671 Prestwick Ct.
San Marcos, CA   92069
pic 1
2003 - Weaver, Bower, Henderson, Hampton, Shuping
pic 2
2014 - M/M Wada, Weaver, Mrs. Yaoko, Bower, M/M Yoshimura, Ozaki, Mr. Yaoko
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pic 4
2009 - Weaver, Bower, Dougherty/Lottie, Flippo, Ozaki
pic 5
2014 - Bennett, Ainsworth, Weaver
2015 Trail Staff
2015 - Henerlau, Ritucci, Weaver
2015 Natl
2015- Shoemake, Weaver, Blair, Story, Bower
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1979 - Buddy's family
staff 2018

2018 - Weaver, Henerlau, Wada, M/M Weaklend, M/M Hogan, Gallina, Merino, Miller